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A case of tumor treated with antidepressants

A woman was given antidepressants for the symptoms of ‘zero energy’ and not wanting to socialize A woman began developing symptoms like snapping at the relatives out of nowhere, ‘no energy, not wanting to socialize with anyone, or having difficulty showering. The doctors prescribed her with antidepressants for these symptoms. However, after a major seizure she got herself scanned and found a tumor of a size of an orange. Her tumor starts in the brain and goes down to the spinal cord.

The woman is Michelle Francis of 47. Her tumor is diagnosed as the Benign tumor that usually starts up from the brain membranes and goes down to the spinal cord. Around 400 cases have been found of benign tumor in the whole of America, according to a study by the National Cancer Institute of America. In the very beginning, Michelle went to consult her family doctor in the UK as she was feeling tired and dizzy. The doctor gave her antibiotics for a sinus infection which obviously didn’t work.

Skip to couple months, she started developing symptoms like continuous ringing in her ears and her vision became blurry, even after she got her eye test done. Along with these symptoms, her feet and hand started feeling numb. The reports show Michelle is a cheerful woman before she started developing these symptoms. After these symptoms, she became quite inactive and also gained a lot of weight.

She avoided socializing and started to snap at her family members and boyfriend out of nowhere. After all of this, she went to several doctors who gave her treatment for depression which also didn’t help and made her condition worse. Later, she found out a that she had an orange-sized tumor which took six hours of surgery to get removed

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