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A Successful mRNA vaccine Trial Shows Hope for New Cancer Treatment

A tailored mRNA vaccine given to patients with specific types of aggressive malignancies could use the patient’s immune system to fight the disease on its own, ushering in a new era of cancer treatment. COVID-19 vaccination drives were started by messenger RNA (ribonucleic acid) vaccines, which Pfizer and Moderna adapted to develop an emergency treatment to teach the body to fight off the viral spike protein. Most of us would be unaware. However, that mRNA vaccine was initially developed to treat aggressive cancers.

Molly Cassidy, a mother studying for the Arizona Bar exam, is living proof that, while the technique isn’t a cure-all, it can help people get rid of some of the most awful and fast-growing tumors. She had surgery and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with head and neck cancer. However, barely ten days after finishing chemo, she discovered a marble-like protrusion on her collarbone, indicating that cancer had returned.

After further investigations revealed that it had moved from her ear to her lungs, she was advised to get her affairs in order. Cassidy was told she qualified for a clinical trial at the University of Arizona to test an mRNA vaccine tailored to the host’s cancer mutations. Cassidy had gotten nine vaccination doses along with an immunotherapy medicine by the time she was 27 weeks old, and her CT scans revealed that cancer had left her body.

Although taking a personalized medicine approach to disease is difficult, it is possible to argue that the rise of cancer and so many other diseases in the West is a result of the broader Western health sector adopting a one-size-fits-all (or one-pill-fits-all) approach to everything from cancer to diet to mental health. As a result, many functional medicine clinics are now paying more attention to genetic phenotypes and other biomarkers before designing a therapeutic plan, known as precision or customized medicine.

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