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About Us

Health Courier takes great strides in selecting agile writing and editing teams who actually form the backbone of a competitive website. With competition stiffening by the day, and a zillion of similar information spilling across the internet, it is nothing but a herculean task to make and sustain unique selling propositions. Health Courier also encourages a zealous reader feedback platform to constantly keep tabs on reader interests, core queries as well as vital feedback that readers share to accentuate reading experience.

At, it is our aim to authenticate all sources of firsthand information, besides regularly updating all our website data to constantly live up to the dynamic alterations affecting consequences. Therefore, we have an uncompromised and an unbiased set of protocols that constantly motivate us to unearth most peculiar and rare information, thereby living up to our readers’ expectations of unfaltering and time-relevant information. Here at Health Courier we also have an in-house R&D cell, comprising hard-core research experts who analyze and assess crucial information to obtain definitive conclusions before the information goes live.

Further, we also have stringent selection parameters to hire writers and editing personnel specializing in specific domains, thus having expert knowledge and tremendous eye for detail to scoop relevant data from a wide array of heterogenous data.