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After being with several Biotech Companies, Edward Joins Verseau as CEO

One of the Biotech Companies that attacks tumors, Verseau Therapeutics, has hired a new CEO who has experience transitioning Biotech Companies from start-up to M&A exit. Verseau, which focuses on cancer immunotherapies that reprogram the tumor microenvironment to target tumors, has hired John Edwards, who previously served as executive chair of Tilos Therapeutics.

Deals follow Edwards wherever he goes. Merck bought Tilos in June 2019 for $773 million, which Edwards handled from the inception of the anti-LAP antibody biotech to the acquisition in two years. Edwards has flipped a variety of Biotech Companies. He was a crucial figure in the development of the Siamab.

It was acquired by Vertex Pharmaceuticals for $245 million in June 2019 after a $202 million exit through a strategic arrangement with an unidentified large commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company. Edwards is responsible for the $430 million acquisition of Adnexus by Bristol Myers Squibb in 2007. He was the company’s chief operating officer.

In 2017, the pharmaceutical company sold some Adnexus assets to Roche for $170 million upfront and up to $205 million in milestone payments for the rights to the Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug BMS-986089. Edwards previously served as executive chairman of F-star when the biotech was transitioning from discovery to clinical-stage bispecific antibody development. Edwards facilitated $200 million in revenue for the organization through business development deals.

Verseau is backed by MIT’s Robert Langer, who co-founded the company and sat on its board of directors. Edwards is also the CEO of Abcuro, which raised $42 million in a Series A round of funding in January. Sanofi Ventures led the round, which will support the development of anti-KLRG1 medicines for autoimmune disorders and malignancies.

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