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Aleta Biotherapeutics and Cancer Research U.K. Collaborate on Blood Cancer Therapy

Cancer Research U.K. (CRUK) will collaborate with Aleta Biotherapeutics for the early phase clinical development of the ALETA-001, which is Aleta Biotherapeutics’ Cancer therapy candidate.ALETA-001 is a CAR-T cell developed by Aleta Biotherapeutics to treat patients suffering from B-cell Cancer.

According to the agreement, the CRUK will provides financial support, sponsor, and conduct the second phase clinical trials of ALETA-001. The two phases of the clinical trials will be done by the Cellular and CAR-T therapy team. Dr. Amit Patel will lead the team. The first and second phase clinical trials will be conducted at Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

The trial will be conducted on patients with leukemia or B-cell lymphoma who have undergone CD19 CAR-T cell therapy yet failed to respond efficiently to the treatment.When the ALETA-001 in the phase II trials is completed, Aleta will launch a single-arm second phase trial in the U.S. The trial will be aimed at diffusing patients with B-cell lymphoma.Aleta will further develop ALETA-001 and commercialize it in the U.S. market on the successful completion of the trials. It will receive a license to the clinical trials conducted by the CRUK.

Paul Rennert, the co-founder, and chief scientific officer of Aleta said, said there is an urgent need for new therapies that will help patients with B-cell Cancer like leukemia and lymphoma.The latest trail discovery will be the first of its kind that will reboot CAR-T cell therapy, he added.

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