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Altos Labs Claims to Have the Support of Jeff Bezos

The research-based start-up company, Altos Labs, was founded in early 2021. The company now claims to receive funding from the dynamic tech-business titan Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder is now turning towards biotechnology. The business titan is looking for potent biotech start-up investments.

Jeff Bezos has thus turned to Altos Labs, encouraging the anti-aging research company striving to reprogramme human cells. Altos Labs has announced that it has welcomed Jeff Bezos on board as one of the significant investors. Reports have highlighted Altos’ efforts reversing the aging process, and with that, in view, the company has been hiring scientists offering $1 million annual packages.

Altos Labs is working on understanding the basic idea of how to make people younger. For this research project, a task force of highly-specialized university scientists will be designed to examine the aging of cells and the reversal of the process.As a part of the project, the scientists will conduct reprogramming of human cells. This will comprise of protein addition to a particular cell which will be instructed to revert into a stem-cell-like state. The history of cell reversal technique had earned Shinya Yamanaka a Nobel prize back in 2012. Yamanaka had demonstrated the reprogramming technique in mice.

For the Amazon founder, investing in anti-aging research is not a new move. In 2018, Jeff Bezos had ventured into the industry by investing in a similar set-up. The former CEO was introduced by the biotech company Unity Technologies which is focused on designing anti-aging therapies.

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