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Amazon Care Pulling Companies towards Telehealth Service

According to an executive speaking at a Wall Street Journal event on Wednesday, Amazon Care has added many companies to its telehealth service as the consumer behemoth pushes forward with plans to expand the program to all 50 states by the summer. According to CNBC, Amazon VP Babak Parviz said that other companies had expressed interest in using the service at the WSJ Tech Health event.

In the following months, they hope to spread the digital component to every state in the United States. They will also make it available to all firm employees, not just Amazon employees, to utilize the service if they sign up and use it. When Amazon announced earlier this year that it wanted to expand its app-based care services nationally, it caused waves in the telehealth business.

According to Parviz, users in Washington state and those in Baltimore and D.C. can access in-person components of care for follow-up needs such as blood draws. According to Parviz, the company plans to make the “complete service” available in other locations “as soon as we can.” Following allegations that Amazon is in talks to establish an at-home testing service after investing hundreds of millions of dollars in COVID-19 testing for employees, the interview was conducted.

Amazon Care isn’t the only large retailer dabbling in telemedicine. Walmart has announced its aspirations to extend virtual services by filing business licenses in more than a dozen jurisdictions. Although the reintroduction of federal limits on telehealth may hinder the industry’s rapid expansion, some analysts believe that large corporations with substantial pockets will be able to weather any state-by-state difficulties.

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