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Artificial Intelligence Technology Developed for Barrett’s Neoplasia Detection

While performing endoscopic treatments, NEC Corporation has created artificial intelligence(AI) technology to assist clinicians in diagnosing Neoplasia in Barrett’s esophagus. According to the business, this software is the first of its kind to pass the CE mark. It will be known as WISE VISION Endoscopy when it is released, and it will be accessible in Europe soon.

The program is linked to endoscope processors and warns consumers automatically if images taken during endoscopic operations reveal Barrett’s Neoplasia. It also has a visual user interface for a straightforward process, allowing clinicians to continue their examinations without interruption. Professor Pradeep Bhandari, chair of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Research Committee, collaborated with NEC to develop this artificial intelligence software.

Bhandari noted, “Once the Neoplasia is found, the system takes a still image and transfers it to the top right corner of a screen as a reference image for endoscopists. It doesn’t stop here, as it also has a heat map which shows the area of the AI-predicted Neoplasia.” WISE VISION Endoscopy includes specialized endoscopists’ knowledge and is trained with almost one million Barrett’s esophagus endoscopy images.

NEC employed its facial recognition technology, certified by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, and is part of its artificial intelligence technologies portfolio, NEC the WISE, to create the program. During the clinical assessment, WISE VISION Endoscopy was reported to detect around 90% of Barrett’s Neoplasia.According to NEC, the software could reduce the Neoplasia miss rate during endoscopic procedures and improve the prognosis in Barrett’s esophagus patients worldwide. Barrett’s esophagus is a precancerous condition in which the inner lining of the esophagus is replaced with a stomach-like lining.

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