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Biomilq Has Achieved a $21M Fund Advancing Product Portfolio

Biomilq, a US-based biotechnology company has benefitted largely through Series A funding during which the establishment secured $21 million. The funding will be dedicated to the company’s goal of introducing cell-cultured human milk in the market.

Biomilq is women-led company aiming to embark breakthrough results in the fields of mammary biotechnology. With a team of highly skilled women, workforce with scientific expertise and mothers, is targeting specific concerns of breast feeding women and parents concerned about their baby’s health. The women-centric biotechnology company focuses primarily on nourishing healthier babies, supporting parents with a choice and ultimately contributing to a healthier and sustainable planet.

The flagbearer of the funding round was the popular global life science investor Novo Holdings. Other capitalists and investors such as Spero Ventures, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Digitalis Ventures, Green Generation, Blue Horizon, and Gaingels also participated.  The large investment will enable Biomilq to advance its research, and produce cell-based breast milk. produced cell-cultured breast milk will mimic the nutritional profile of human milk. Unlike the carbon footprint displayed by the traditionally produced bovine-based infant formula, cell-cultured human milk will register a lowered carbon footprint.

Commenting on the recent events, Kartik Dharmadhikari, Biomilq board director and Novo Holding’s partner said that the goal here is to positively influence community. Dharmadhikari added that the focus is on impacting the health, society and science. He also stated that the product portfolio of Biomilq has the potential to disrupt the conventional infant formula.

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