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Biotech Networks opens New Hubs during the J.P. Morgan Conference Week

Biotech Networks, which has been connecting life science workers since 2008, is expanding its footprint in the United States by creating communities in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast’s pharmaceutical region. Washington Oregon Individuals and organizations across Washington and Oregon, including Seattle and Portland, will be connected and given resources through Biotech Networks.

Pennsylvania New York, New Jersey Biotech Networks will provide services to the biotech sector in New York State, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, including New York City and Philadelphia. The new hubs were selected based on input from Biotech Networks subscribers, as well as the density and growth of enterprises and the number of experts in each region.

Many established pharmaceutical firms as well as world-class research and healthcare institutes may be found in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. More recently burgeoning biotechnology clusters in Washington and Oregon are backed by high-performance computing and artificial intelligence sectors.Because of their history and regional peculiarities, these new Biotech Networks centers are geographically distant and culturally and ideologically unique.

Facilitating connections between members of these hubs is an exciting potential for cross-pollination of creative ideas, the formation of new organizations, and the raising of funds.The J.P. Morgan Conference widely considered as the year’s most important biotech deal-making and investment event was unexpectedly moved from in-person to virtual just before it started this week. This insecurity typifies the issues that the biotech industry is experiencing as a result of COVID-19, and greater development of successful virtual events is critical to the sector’s future success.

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