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Biotechnology Industry Hotbed Santa Monica Fights Cancer

Considerable advancements in Biotechnology research are being made that could revolutionize the future of cancer therapy, and many of them are taking place right here in Santa Monica. As a result, an increasing number of biotech enterprises and research institutions are setting up shop in the City, spurred on by the locally-based Kite Pharma, producing exciting benefits for the local economy and students, job seekers, and patients.

Biotechnology is the use of live organisms to generate new goods, and it has increased in recent decades due to the unique ability to alter organisms’ genetic material. Santa Monica is becoming a center for cell therapy, biotech research in which cells are cultivated and genetically modified before being injected into patients to provide a medical effect. For example, using modified T cells to fight cancer has already yielded promising results in local studies.

With 1,400 employees at its Santa Monica headquarters and El Segundo manufacturing plants, Kite Pharma is at the vanguard of this research. Calderaro believes that competition from a regional concentration of comparable businesses is beneficial since it motivates employees and encourages research.

Brent Pfeiffenberger, COO of biotech business Neogene Therapeutics, shares this sentiment. The existing talent pool, knowledge, and manufacturing capabilities attracted Neogene to locate its US headquarters in Santa Monica. While the Biotechnology business in the area is competitive, it is also collaborative by nature. Companies, for example, frequently collaborate with academic institutions and hospitals to put their research to the test in a clinical setting.Cell therapy research is a big deal at Providence St. John’s Hospital. Their stem cell research applies to individuals with strokes, traumatic brain injury, and dementia, while their T cell research applies to various malignant malignancies.

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