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Charles River a Vital Contributor to the Biotech Industry

With the widespread standing of COVID-19, residents of the Washoe Country have experienced the unpleasant nose poking method to gather nasal swabs. A major biotechnology company has successfully conducted COVID-19 tests analysis and diagnosis for the last 20 months.

The Wilmington, Massachusetts based Charles River Laboratories has a prominent location site in Reni. The company has over 100 facilities across 20 countries all across the globe. Charles River Laboratories has efficiently conducted, and derived results of over 20,000 COVID-19 tests. This statistical output of diagnosis and analysis is calculated over last one and a half year.

The company facility in Reno became the first of all the company sites to receive a CLIA accreditation. This was a significant move that came forth as the region was swept away by the pandemic. With the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments receival, the facility was allowed to secure human, conduct testing, and provide diagnosis, according to Rebecca Walker Comba. Walker Comba shed a light on how the 460,000 square foot facility became a crucial part of the biotechnology industry boom.

As of now, Charles River proposes 38 openings at the Reno facility. Recruitment for research scientists to laboratory assistant are open and providing significant opportunities. According to Walker Comba the biotech company has been recruiting somewhat 20 people every month over the last year. This was possible because of the growth potential and the consistent expansion observed by Charles River Laboratories. Within a span of 14 years the company’s workforce has gone from 250 to 800 employees.

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