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Colorado Based Teacher Awarded with STEM Grant

A science teacher from the Pikes Peak Summit, Colorado has recently been awarded with a STEM grant post intensive biotechnology training program. The grant was provided by the Air Force Academy.Katie Hobbs, the grantee of the $2,000 award us a chemistry and biology teacher working at the Mesa Ridge High School. She was one of the candidates of a select group that was picked to participate Biotechnology immersion Program offered by the Academy. The one weeklong training program included a hand-on seminar training over incorporation of emerging technologies into the science curriculum.

Every day through the weeklong training program, participants underwent several lab sessions that covered a range of topics such as DNA amplification, blood typing, and data collection and analysis. As a part of the hands-on training, they are conducted COVID-19 testing on themselves thereby understand the process better. With the help of the training, Hobbs was able to understand a lot of lab instruments and their applications.

She has already ordered a PCR equipment for advanced placement biology class. PCR is a lab instrument that allows separation, and amplification of DNA facilitating scientists in DNA research. The device is widely used in laboratories to conduct HIV tests, malaria, COVID-19, and anthrax tests.

With the $2000 STEM grant, Hobbs was able to purchase the device to allow her students exploration of the device and not necessarily conduct COVID-19 tests. She plans on engaging her students into activities that will involve determination of infection in a fictional scenario.

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