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Digital Front Door of Patient Experience to Open

The fast adoption of digitalization and consumerization in healthcare necessitates offering Patient a consistent experience across in-person, phone, and online interactions. The financial and commercial industries managed massive amounts of personal client data and provided a consistent experience across phone, internet, and in-person interactions a long time ago.

Banner Health’s vice president of customer experience channels, Christen Castellano, is in charge of making it easy for hundreds of thousands of customers to receive care. She’ll be speaking about her work at HIMSS21. She said, “The intention improves access to care and improves convenience for customers and for team members. By making it easy to find a doctor and schedule online, we’ve substantially improved both.”

She mentioned that Gartner placed Banner Health ninth in ease of use and that the health system had witnessed a 92 percent rise in online appointment bookings in the past year. However, because all health systems have electronic health records with hundreds of variables for each Patient, the most crucial decision is how much EHR data is “just enough” to deliver individualized messages without jeopardizing privacy.

Each Patient EHR has over 1,000 fields, but just 14 of them are sent into Banner’s customer database, which is then enriched with geodemographics and transaction data. She said the company’s middleware and how it subscribes to and publishes data to legacy systems and other apps are usually the most considerable interoperability difficulty. She stated that the goal is to serve a variety of stakeholders through various channels. As a result, Banner’s organic and inorganic growth strategies have been shaped by the shift.

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