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Digitized Healthcare demanded by Healthcare Workers

I recall an intensivist in the CCU saying that EHR systems were a disaster during the early years of deploying electronic health records in hospitals nearly 15 years ago. What is the explanation for this? The physician could not prescribe drugs in the dosage he required due to an order form built into the application. Technology has its flaws, and those involved in EHR installations during those years will recall the difficulties they faced.

After 15 years, the electronic health record has evolved into the focal point for all digital innovations in. With the stabilization of EHR systems, the desire for more user-friendly Healthcare has only grown. FHIR APIs and the interoperability judgment have paved the way for a host of consumer-friendly Healthcare businesses to compete with Uber and Amazon. Due to COVID-19, which has made change management more accessible than before, the two decades of digital transformation have been accelerated in the last two years.

Consumers now have a myriad of care options and increased access to care because of technological advancements. Frontline caregivers, on the other hand, continue to suffer from clinician burnout and tiredness. The impact and impacts of digital transformation on frontline caregivers — clinicians, physicians, nurses, therapists, and other Healthcare practitioners – and what they expect from digitized Healthcare to make a difference in their life as carers are discussed in this article.

How are changes in digital workflow influencing frontline caregivers’ capacity to do their duties? Is the tremendous shift in digital transformation brought on by the pandemic meeting the needs of Healthcare providers? Patients’ access to care, engagement and care delivery have increased because of digital health, but caregivers on the front lines have seen minimal improvement. In addition, administrative tasks such as order entry, traveling through displays to access past reports and prescriptions, and filling out clinical documentation forms are burdensome for frontline caregivers.

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