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Do coffee promote increased living?

Studies found that Do coffee drinkers tend to live more than the non-drinkers. According to an analysis of a study it was found that people who tend to drink two to three cups of a day have less cardiovascular diseases and live longer than the non-coffee drinkers. Although, previous studies claim that people who drink everyday have increased chances of developing dementia or in simpler language, shrinking of the brain.

This is why a lot of scientists are criticizing this recent research.  The authors of this research confirmed that having particular typess of is an important factor in determining good health. The researchers claim that having instant, ground or decaf only helps in preventing cardiovascular problems. In fact, having these coffees alos in mild or moderate quality is beneficial. Like said, everything in moderation is good enough.

The researchers conducted this study on a group of regulardrinkers against one lakh non-coffee drinkers. Moreover, factors like age, gender, alcohol consumption, tea consumption, smoking habits, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes or any other diseases, sleeping pattern, workout regime, and many more are considered to affect the outcome. Although caffeine is the most prominent component in a  it isn’t the only one.

The research clarifies that other components present in coffees are the ones responsible for lower death possibilities or lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The reason behind incomplete research is that has been found to affect the body in various ways, which are not always good, found in previous researches. This is why researchers are still trying to understand the final outcome of the research.

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