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Expected side effects of Omicron Booster dose

Here are the expected side effects, you might experience after your Omicron Booster vaccine dose. With passing time, COVID is not yet disappeared. The Government and Health officials are constantly reminding and encouraging the public to get the vaccines and booster dose for safety from this virus. But every medication comes with a little side effect. Like the previous vaccines, the Omicron Booster dose also has somewhat similar side effects. Let’s study in detail.

In the clinical trials of vaccines like Moderna and Pfizer for the BA.1 Variant of Covid, people who are fully vaccinated along with the booster shot now received another updated booster shot. The most common side effects reported in the patients within a week of injection were pain at the spot of vaccine, fatigue, headache, pain in muscles, chills, pain in joints, feverish feeling. Somewhat similar symptoms were reported in the patients who received the Omicron Booster dose after both the dose of vaccine. However, the symptoms were mild.

Health officials claim that the symptoms were generally severe after receiving the second dose and mild after the third and the fourth dose of the vaccine. The latest vaccine shots are given in the same amount as of the previous dosages. However, it is advisable to consult the doctor or any other health official if the symptoms worsen

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