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FDA Approves RED 62 Reperfusion Catheter For Commercial Use

The FDA gave clearance to RED 62 Reperfusion Catheter and will be soon commercialized in the U.S market. The RED 62 Reperfusion Catheter navigates challenging digital vessel anatomy. The Catheter will be used to remove blood clots from the acute ischemic stroke patients and those who suffer from large vessel occlusions. The large vessel occlusions (LVOs) are defined as blockages.

According to Kurt Reuland, the Catheter works efficiently through the intricate vessels of the brain. The RED 62 helps in efficiently removing the blood clots and improves the health outcomes of the patients, he added.

The RED 62 is developed by using latest innovative technologies that help to tracking and aspiration technology. The technology allows the healthcare professionals address the large vessel occlusions even if they are located in the most challenging distal vessel anatomy. The RED 62 helps remove the blood clots. The length of the RED 62 Catheter is large and is low in diameter that helps the surgeon easily reach the target blood vessel.

The aspiration thrombectomy was successfully done in the patients but navigating the distal vessels was more challenging to address. The RED 62 is developed on the previous design generations of the aspiration thrombectomy. The president and chief executive officer of Penumbra, Adam Elsesser said in a statement that the RED 62 Catheter has maximized the trackability and aspiration power.

The RED 62 is the first of its kind in the RED series that will provide doctors with enhanced solutions for stroke management and also reduce the overall healthcare costs.

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