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Federal Courts Fined Toledo Pharmacy for Opioid Distribution

The federal court ordered a Toledo pharmacy and two of its pharmacists to pay a $375,000 civil penalty and imposed restrictions related to the dispensing of Opioid and other controlled substances. Shaffer Pharmacy, along with pharmacist-owner Thomas Tadsen and pharmacist Wilson Bunton, from dispensing certain prescriptions, including combination and benzodiazepine prescriptions.

The grievance declared that the defendants frequently administered and other controlled substances in violation of the Controlled Substances Act by ignoring red flags, that is indications of drug diversion and drug-seeking behavior.Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton of the Justice Department’s Civil Division said that the pharmacies and pharmacists must follow the Controlled Substances Act and take active steps to ensure are administered based on medical legitimacy. The Department of Justice is committed to helping the Drug Enforcement Administration to combat the Opioid addiction crisis.

Acting U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Brennan for the Northern District of Ohio said that there is a rise in abuse and overdose deaths in the Northern District of Ohio. We must remain vigilant in our prevention efforts and in holding those in the medical profession accountable when they are alleged to be unlawfully prescribing or distributing Opioid. They will continue to utilize all of our available enforcement options to address this threat and those who are alleged to be engaged in these unlawful practices.

The non-profit organization PAIN will be at Big Hat Days in Old Town Clovis, offering overdose training to those interested. According to PAIN, the non-profit will hand out 300 boxes of Narcan, which is used to treat a known or suspected Opioid overdose, and offer free training on how to administer the treatment.

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