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First Medical Device Being Launched by Google

Google has introduced a tool that uses artificial intelligence to detect dermatological problems. The technology giant highlighted billions of Google searches linked to skin, nail, and hair disorders as a basis for developing the technology in a news release. Later this year, the business expects to introduce the web-based tool as a test.

Users will use their smartphone’s camera to snap three photographs of the skin, hair, or nail concern from various angles after the app has been launched. Before being asked questions about skin type, how long the issue has been there, and other symptoms that will assist the program limit down possibilities.

Following the collection of photographs and data, the AI model evaluates the data and uses its knowledge of 288 criteria to generate a list of possible matching circumstances that the user can investigate further. Each disease will be accompanied by dermatologist-approved facts and commonly asked questions, as well as similar photographs found on the internet.

According to Google, the tool is not intended to deliver a diagnosis or serve as a substitute for medical advice but rather to provide users with access to authoritative, peer-reviewed material that might help them make better decisions about their subsequent actions. The company has several published research and articles highlighting its AI-based method of analyzing skin illnesses.

It has considered factors such as age, sex, race, and skin type to ensure that the technology can help as many individuals as possible. Google said that the platform has acquired CE mark clearance in Europe as a Class I medical device and that it wants to expand the platform so that more individuals may use it to treat their skin problems.

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