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Fujifilm Launches New Health IT Platform

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, Inc. has launched a health IT platform for endoscopy suites that will improve medical picture sharing and EHR integration. The scalable health IT solution will give GI doctors the video and image routing and display capabilities they need to undertake complex treatments.Devon Bream, MPH, FACHE, Fujifilm’s global vice president, said, “As innovators in endoscopic imaging, we understand that endoscopists require more video sources and more advanced image routing and display when performing intraoperative and therapeutic procedures.”

This is the first systems integration platform created exclusively for endoscopy suites in the industry. The platform makes use of hardware and software setups that allow for seamless patient imaging and data integration. Picture archiving and communication system pictures are routed in-room to assist physicians in planning and conducting procedures.

Images can be incorporated into the organization’s EHR system, allowing all doctors involved in patient care to have easy access to health imaging data. Using the built-in image capture, doctors can record up to four different sources. Endoscopic ultrasounds, endoscopy, fluoroscopy, patient vitals, MR/CT, and in-room cameras are examples of these sources.The data is then shown on big, wall-mounted flat panel screens, allowing doctors to examine pertinent data from a variety of sources in one convenient location. In-room cameras on the platform allow care teams to compare side-by-side visuals with procedural video, and live procedures can be recorded.

The platform also allows care teams to use the vendor’s integrated teleconference technology to broadcast live endoscopic content to any networked destination. This allows physicians to receive clinical assistance from healthcare providers who are not physically present in the room. Fujifilm endoscopic imaging portfolio was purchased and installed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) early this year.

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