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 GE Healthcare Collaborates with American College of Cardiology For Developing AI-Powered Cardiac Care

GE Healthcare will participate in Applied Health Innovation Consortium led by ACC. The consortium is objectified towards developing predictive analytics and advanced clinical decision support for cardiac patients.

The collaboration has followed the trial released by GE Healthcare on heart disease detection that integrated AI with low ejection fraction.has teamed with the American College of Cardiology, intending to bring artificial intelligence and digital technology in heart-related treatment and diagnostics. The consortium is an association of patient advocates, technology experts, academic leaders, and industry partners to transform healthcare digitally.

The American College of Cardiology chief innovation officer, Dr. John Rumsfeld, said they are excited to have GE Healthcare joined with Applied Health Innovation Consortium. Their mission is to transform cardiovascular care and enhance heart health. GE Healthcare is a great collaborator in helping them build a roadmap for AI and digital technology, added Rumsfeld.He is confident that AI and digital technology can bridge the gaps in clinical care.The press release stated that the consortium define challenges, develop AI models, and implement research results in practice through clinical workflows.

Additionally, besides focusing on improving healthcare through AI in valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease, and heart failure, the collaboration will address atrial fibrillation management.The partnership is aimed at identifying gaps, prioritize them, and move forward in specific ways. The partnership will focus on AI-driven services, including improved decision making, risk prediction, and interpretation of images.

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