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Genetic Literacy Project A Corporate Front?

There has been a highly speculative environment surrounding Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO), creating fear among the population. A community of anti-GMO activists have frequently claimed that Genetic Literacy Project is a corporate initiative formerly funded by Monsanto. It thereby encourages a positive outlook of the GMO-associated produce.These claims have been unfounded and published via unreliable sources such as SourceWatch. No evidential proof has been provided supporting the role played by Monsanto in the establishment of GLP.

However, every evidence available from numerous emails and federal filings indicates that GLP was founded completely independently aided with grants from non-partisan foundations. The history of GLP has observed the initiative to have achieved independence from external associations, corporations, and any other interest groups.

Without any proof substantiating the statement claiming Monsanto’s involvement, GLP has established itself as an entirely independent initiative. GLP defends itself, stating the accusations coming from individuals to be threatened by modern and independent science and journalism that helps promotes such hysteria.

A journalism ethics site Media Bias Fast Check Ethics, has counteracted the claims by rating SourceWatch to be left bias. Media Bias Fast Check Ethics organization meanwhile rates GLP into a pro-science and highly factual category.GLP has witnessed attacks from the anti-GMO groups with attorneys suing Monsanto/Bayer over falsified allegations against GMO orientation.

Allegations have been usually based on the speculations that glyphosate triggers cancer. For instance, in a siling established in 2017 in support of the glyphosate litigation, Baum Hedlund, a law firm, wrote that GLP is sourcing money under the table from Monsanto for personal gains.

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