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Genome & Company plans to Develop a Microbiome Manufacturing Facility in the United State

Genome & Company announced the establishment of a large-scale microbiome manufacturing plant in Fishers City, Indiana, through its local subsidiary, List Biotherapeutics.List Biotherapeutics was founded in October of last year. Biotherapeutics intends to generate 210 new employments by constructing a large-scale microbiome manufacturing plant in Fishers Life Science & Innovation Park in Fishers City.

Fishers City has granted a free location for List Biotherapeutics’ microbiome manufacturing facility and expects to grant a 50% property tax reduction for 15 years once the firm completes the building of its factory.Furthermore, the IEDC (Indiana Economic Development Corporation) and local power providers pledged further assistance such as reduced tax breaks as well as facility usage fees.Genome & Company will run its subsidiaries, List Bio and List Labs, as distinct entities, allowing them to attract fresh investments while optimizing mutual synergy by using each company’s assets.

“It is significant that the business could take the first step toward constructing a new factory in Fishers City after purchasing the management rights of List Labs, a U.S. microbiome CDMO (contract development manufacturing organization) firm, in September,” said Genome & Company CEO Pae Ji-soo. “We will make every effort to become a fully integrated pharmaceutical firm capable of both R&D and manufacturing.”

Cho Yong-wan, CEO of List Biotherapeutics, also stated, “Through the new factory, the business hopes to begin full-scale development and manufacture of microbiome medications.”List Biotherapeutics will advance as a leading microbiome CDMO firm by using List Labs’ knowledge and know-how accumulated over 40 years. Cho also contributed.

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