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Health Workers File Lawsuit Against Texas Hospital

Healthcare Workers at the Texas hospital have filed a lawsuit against their hospital administration for forcing them to take Covid-19 vaccinations. Roughly over 170 healthcare Workers have sued the hospital employer.

Employees of Houston Methodist Hospital reported that the employer’s mandate for compulsory immunization had violated the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code has designed some set of standards after World War II. The Nuremberg Code says that experimentation should be prevented on human subjects without their consent. The Houston Methodist Hospital employees also stated that the Texas hospital employees were left with no option and would have lost their jobs if not vaccinated. This violated their state law.

The news was reported a day after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the US said that the companies could be mandated for the Covid-19 vaccination. The EEOC posted the update on the website explaining its updated guidelines. The agency stated that the employers could mandate the employees to get vaccinated as long as they are complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws.

The mandate was done as there were factors regarding inoculations, such as ambivalence and skepticism. Public health officials have been forced to get vaccinated to try new strategies to persuade people to get vaccinated.Despite the mandate, most of the public healthcare Workers were reluctant to get vaccinated. A management-side law firm Fisher Phillips conducted a survey of 900 employees. The survey states that out of 700 employees, only 9% employees were willing to get vaccinated.

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