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Healthcare Improvement is Getting Better

When it comes to building effective Healthcare platforms, improving the management of unstructured content is critical. When clinicians use Healthcare tools that combine unstructured and organised content to provide a single source of clinical knowledge, they can get a clearer image of their patients. According to analysts like Garner and IDC, up to 80% of patient data is actually unstructured and not found in electronic health records (EHRs).

This means that important clinical knowledge, such as paper records or medical imaging, can be missed if it does not fit into particular boxes. Managing unstructured material such as medical content, medical imaging, and business content, according to Weston, would be advantageous. As a result, he recommends adopting a framework that offers unstructured content as vendor agnostic solutions with a standards-based approach to managing that content to Healthcare executives looking to invest in new technologies.

Peter Weston, Manager for Hyland Healthcare APAC, said, “EHR and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions typically do not manage unstructured content well. Usually, these suppliers store the unstructured content in Blob format. Storage of unstructured content in Blob format can grow considerably and quickly impact a database’s performance.” We can also have a seamless integration with the EMR where both medical content and medical imaging can be launched and presented ‘in patient sense,’ giving clinicians a single point of access to patient content through their EMR.

Harnessing unstructured and organised content to build a single source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform has advantages, according to Weston’s definition. Additionally, those struggling to reduce the number of applications managed across Healthcare enterprises can benefit from a true ECM platform that offers both clinical content management and workflows, as well as back-office business administrative workflows.

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