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Hotter Nights Increase Risk of Death from Heart Disease

A new study has found that men in their early 60s had a higher chance of dying from cardiovascular Disease on summer evenings that are warmer than usual. Warm spells with extreme or continuous high temperatures have previously been linked to an increase in mortality and hospitalizations due to cardiac problems, according to previous research. However, studies on age and gender have been inconclusive up until now.

A team of researchers is from the University of Toronto has decided to examine the link between the climate which causes the hot temperature at night and the increased cardiovascular Disease deaths among people aged between 60 and 69. The study used data from the National Statistics.

The data showed that more than 40,000 deaths are associated with cardiovascular problems during the month of June and July. This situation is noticed from 2001 to 2015 in England.  The results of the study was published in BMJ Open.

Only men were included in the US data on around 500 deaths. A 1°C increase was linked to a 4.8 percent greater risk of CVD death among those aged 65 and younger in King County, but not in older men. The researchers from the university of Toronto mainly focused on the king country. This is a sea-facing region with parallel latitude.  They found that during the summer season the temperature is very high.

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