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Medical Device Fabrication sees Edge for Plastic over Metal

Medical device designers are being urged to boost device performance and longevity while lowering costs as technology advances. A metal-to-Plastic conversion utilising a medically compatible resin is one of the most successful ways to achieve both goals. Newer polymers enable the integration of several features into a single moulded component, allowing metal components or multiple smaller parts to be replaced.

Medical device designers can increase the function of the medical device while lowering its cost by enhancing the product design and production process with the newest materials and Plastic manufacturing techniques. Medical equipment are becoming increasingly compact and complex. Metal-to-Plastic conversion presents potential because of the size and complexity issues.

Professionals that are gloved frequently utilise small tools, and resins provide the opportunity to create texture while reducing weight. Designers can improve the overall functionality of goods by selecting a material with superior wet-grip properties and ergonomics. Sterilization-resistant items can be created more successfully with the use of correctly selected thermoPlastic elastomers (TPEs).Dental instruments, for example, can now be produced from high-performance materials like polyether imide (PEI) or polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymers, which can be washed and sterilised numerous times a day.

Better medical equipment are often produced at reduced costs as a result of these advancements. Biocompatibility is another benefit of medical resins. Polymers that can be used as joint replacement materials are currently available. These materials have been demonstrated to produce superior long-term outcomes for patients than older stainless-steel building materials. For bone implants, medical resins are ideal. PEEK polymer-based implants are more compatible with the typical flexibility of a bone.

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