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Monkeypox most likely to affect the Unvaccinated ones

Studies show Monkeypox to affect people who are unvaccinated the most. Scientists have declared in a research conducted recently that Monkeypox virus is affecting the unvaccinated people 14 times more than those who are vaccinated against it. This data is collected by the Biden Administration to determine the potency of the virus in the country. The data is an important breakthrough in the Biden Administration considering the destruction that happened after the virus’ outbreak.

The health officials of the US have claimed that they are constantly reminding the eligible individuals to get vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of the virus, at least for the sake of those who are not eligible for getting vaccinated as of yet, like the younger generation.

The health officials also claim that research is being conducted if Monkeypox virus is causing behavioral change in the infected people. Earlier in the outbreak, it was assumed that it is only affecting the gay or homosexual people and causing major change in their behavior. However, no identical and solid evidence is found to prove the above statement, by the health department and officials.

The reason why all the health officials have been requesting the people to get vaccinated is because the Monkeypox vaccine is a double dose vaccine. And as we are familiar with the past, covid 19 double dose vaccines, the second dose of such vaccines are much more effective in building up the immunity against the virus.

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