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NeuExcell Therapeutics Inks Deal with Fujifilm to Advance Gene Therapy

The biotechnology companies have come together in an effort to advance the field of stroke gene therapy to treat critical ischemic cortical stroke. Under the deal, both the companies will manufacture drug substances in College Station, TX.

Fujifilm will produce the drug substance in a set timeline for NeuExcell maiden attempt for clinical studies of NXL-001 for humans. COO of Fujifilm gave announced the new deal between the two firms and said that its new deal with NeuExcell shows that it can work with firms of any size.NeuExcell will now be the manufacturing partner for the NXL-001 candidate. He said that the company would work towards advancing in this field and help people suffering from an ischemic cortical stroke.

NeuExcell is headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States, and is focused on therapeutics related to neurodegenerative disorders and the central nervous system. The company is making dedicated efforts in discovering therapies that will help treat stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and many such degenerative disorders.

Similarly, Fujifilm plays a key role and has established itself as a leader in gene therapy production plans. In its effort to increase the capacity in its gene therapy production plan, the biotech firm rolled out $850 million in July into US and UK locations. Its expansion is expected to start by 2023. The company has invested millions of dollars in expanding its CDMO wing, clean rooms, and for new plants that may be operational by 2025.

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