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Novarad Corporation has Announced the release of an Augmented Reality Software Model for Medical Education

Novarad Corporation, a leading firm in medical imaging software, revealed today the introduction of its augmented reality software for higher education, which will be reachable at an extensively condensed cost to educational institutions.It allows you to operate the hologram using one of a variety of unique, straightforward, and easy-to-remember voice commands for rotating, zooming, modifying the contrast and brightness value, and revealing various anatomical components, as well as pre-set values for showing bone, soft tissue, and organs.

Novarad developed OpenSight to transform patient studies into 3D virtual space and show them in an interactive way correctly overlay right onto the patient’s body, and it is now providing an exclusive version for educational facilities. The system employs a number of cutting-edge technologies, including virtual tools, sophisticated segmentation and rendering, 3D imaging, and 3D annotation technologies.

Teachers and apprentices may now examine CT scan slices orthogonally, which means they can lock the slice orthogonally and the view variations as they walk around the hologram. The software is also the first product of its type to have a learning planning purpose that enables users to make online annotations such as incisions or virtual needles and watch those online annotations appear on the study’s hologram when seen through the HoloLens.

OpenSight has been used to improve the quality of training for dentists, surgeons, and other health professionals at educational institutions such as McGill University. OpenSight for Education is now less expensive for educational applications.

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