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Olympus Introduces New Service on Nuance AI Platform

Olympus Corporation has declared its plans to launch the new SeleCT Connect. It is a recently developed program providing the company’s SeleCT Quantitative Computer Tomography (QCT) analysis service. The new service will be deployed immediately allowing over 9,000 healthcare facilities in the United States to utilize its application via Nuance AI Marketplace.

The Nuance AI Marketplace is a cloud-enabled platform focused on diagnostic imaging AI algorithms. Availability of SeleCT OCT through the workflow integrated platform will provide an optimized, and streamlined screen process. This system is typically useful in observing the eligibility criteria of patients treated with Spiration Valve System.

The technology is FDA approved, and used in patients with cases of COPD that is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. The entire screening procedure combines patient evaluation consisting of comorbidities along with high-resolution CT scan examination. The deployed SeleCT Connect program is a team effort. Imbio, a crucial partner of Olympus dealing with the AI-based SeleCT analysis has collaborated with Nuance Communications.

Nuance provides multiple service technologies such as diagnostic communications, conversational AI and advanced intelligence solutions all across the globe. It has vast network of connections nationwide. Physicians, and radiologist will have an improvised aid in transferring CT test analysis from PACS to the SeleCT QCT service.These results will be transferred back to PACS post analysis. In addition, the new service also offers to send to analysis data to a health system’s electronic health record which enables physicians, and healthcare professionals using SeleCT to avail easier access.

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