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Omicron Variant Leading to Profit of Big Pharma

For months, a hazardous new COVID-19 variety has been projected. Experts constantly told us that leaving significant sections of the world unvaccinated and unprotected essentially guarantees the emergence of new varieties. However, Big Business was given control over who received immunizations and who did not, resulting in the rich receiving far more than they required and the poor receiving none. The global vaccination rollout has been quite similar to how one of Britain’s imperial rulers would have dealt with a similar problem two centuries ago: a heavy dose of racism paired with the belief that the market should decide who lives and dies in the world.

Boris Johnson is a fantastic fit for the part. While individuals on the receiving end of vaccine inequity have been seeking a better approach for well over a year, an inept British prime minister, educated at the country’s most prestigious school, tells them that they don’t comprehend what is in their own best interests. People may have died in their millions before, as they do now, but nothing can break our rulers’ hubris that their way is the best.

Boris Johnson addressed the nation on Saturday night that we should be proud of our contribution to the global vaccination effort, even in the face of a variation that threatens to destroy the vaccines themselves. He said, with typical imperial hubris, that the problem was not due to a lack of vaccines, but rather to vaccine hesitation.

He might as well have stated that giving Africans something as vital as modern medicine is pointless since they have no idea what to do with it. It’s best if you leave it to us. Johnson’s comments, like so many others, have no basis in fact. South Africa, which happily recognised and alerted the rest of the globe about this variety, has only been able to adequately vaccinate 24% of its population.

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