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Pharma Companies giving Hormone Blockers without Disclosing

Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas announced an investigation into two Pharma companies that he claims pushed hormone blockers for youngsters with gender dysphoria on Monday. Endo Pharma Inc. and AbbVie Inc. are being probed under Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act, according to Paxton.

According to the AG’s Office, the companies allegedly advertised and promoted Supprelin LA and Lupron Depot — medications used to treat central precocious puberty (CPP), a condition in which a child’s puberty begins too soon — for gender dysphoria treatment without disclosing potential risks or receiving FDA approval.

“Gender dysphoria is a documented mental condition in which a person experiences severe discomfort connected to a strong desire to be of another biological sex,” the AG’s Office said in the release. A notion identified in the DSM-5 as clinically severe distress or impairment connected to a strong desire to be of another gender, which may include desire to change primary and/or secondary sex characteristics, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

The stress that transgender or gender non-conforming people may experience as a result of their gender identification differing from the sex assigned to them at birth is known as dysphoria. While the American Psychological Association classifies gender dysphoria as a mental condition, it is classified as anxiety or depression in that it affects a specific group. Dysphoria does not affect all transgender and non-binary people. AG Paxton is also looking into the prescribing of Vantas, a drug designed to treat prostate cancer that is also being used to treat dysphoria, according to him.

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