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Ready to shop Women’s Health Companies To be Launched by Organon

Organon, a new women’s health company formed out of Merck & Co., announced the acquisition of Alydia Health before it even debuted. On the day of its inception, officials issued an appeal for like-minded businesses to join them.

Organon Simon Nicholson, managing director of the U.K. and European neighborhood instrument cluster, said, “The start line is today for the launch of the Organon organization. The start line for our growth and augmentation of the portfolio through business development started months and months ago.”

The company doesn’t have much of a clinical program right now, but it aims to change that soon. The new company’s ambitions are lofty, with three commercial pillars: women’s health, biosimilars, and well-known brands. Nicholson said the company is searching for companies that fit into its three pillars of biotech, MedTech, diagnostics, and healthcare services, as well as “all of the above” acquisition targets.

According to Nicholson, contraception, fertility, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids are all essential issues, but women’s health is more complicated. The company also intends to delve into health conditions that may affect women disproportionately, such as cardiovascular disease and pain management. Kevin Ali, the CEO of AbbVie, has almost certainly ruled out buying assets that other Big Pharmas are looking to sell off, such as AbbVie’s $5 billion women’s health business.

In a similar vein to the Alydia Health deal, the company aims to acquire smaller, profitable businesses. Organon acquired Merck for $240 million before the spinoff was finalized. Organon received a product for postpartum hemorrhage from Alydia, a biotech device startup. After giving birth, one-quarter of women experience irregular bleeding, with 10% requiring significant intervention such as a transfusion or surgery.

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