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Scientists found cancer but no clear symptoms

Doctors found multiple types of cancers in patients with zero to no clear symptoms. Doctors have asked the health officials to get ready for a new era of screening for cancer in patients as the blood sample show multiple types of cancer but no clear symptoms in the patient.

The study gave blood test of more than 6000 adults who are above 50 years of age and found tens of new cancer cases in them. many of them were in the early stage and could be formed well enough to be shown in the early screening stage. This is the first time that the cancers reports are given to the patients and doctors for starting the necessary treatments on time.

This test is known as Galleri test which is known as a gamechanger by NHS of England. Doctors are hoping that this test could save millions of lives by detecting cancer for surgery and that its treatment can be effective. However, the technology for this test is still under development. A senior researcher claims that this test might detect cancers for which standard screening is not available.

When this test was conducted about 90 patients came back positive. They had blood cancer and solid tumor. In woman, breast cancer and endometrial cancer was detected. Along with testing the disease’s presence, this test also predicts the organ affected by cancer which allows doctor to conduct follow-up research for detecting the exact problem.

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