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Snoring increasing the risk of cancer and dementia

People with Snoring problem have higher risk of developing cancer, heart problems or even dementia New research shows that snorers have an increased risk of developing diseases like cancer, dementia and possibilities of strokes. Sweden scientists’ say that heavy Snoring is the major function of an obstructive sleep apnea, where the oxygen is cut off causing possibility of tumor, blood clots or malfunction of brain cells.

Currently, around 30 million people are affected by this obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) problem and sadly only 6 million, which is the less than the quarter, are the diagnosed cases. This condition makes your throat walls relax and interrupt the normal breathing causing the human to put efforts during the respiration. The American Medical Association says this condition is pretty common in people with obesity. The suggestions include losing weight or sleeping with a mask on in order to take back the air blown out.

However, it is not yet discovered if the cause of cancer is obstructive sleep apnea or the increased obesity and unhealthy lifestyle and food eating habits. The findings of the study focusses on the untreated sleep or sleep pattern in humans specifically the youngsters who are constantly eating junk and not taking care of their health.

Although OSA is associated with cancer and cardiovascular problems, lack of oxygen being the major factor. Some other diseases like diabetes, insulin resistance, and liver diseases are associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea as well. Much more research is ongoing and may take certain time to be completed

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