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Social Media Affects Girls Earlier than Boys

Social Media has become a common thing in everybody’s life. This pandemic has forced people to stay in their homes, increasing usage. People who had full-time jobs now quit and became  influencers. Like a coin, has its advantage and disadvantages.

Usually, it affects the mental health of those who are in their adolescence. The researchers have noticed that girls between the ages of 11 and 13 are not satisfied with their lives due to their increased usage of , and this feeling hits boys only at the age of 14-15. The study also found no link between  and mental health except in the users at the age of 19 wh used Social Media to become more and less satisfied with their lives.

The number of children between five to sixteen years reporting mental health problems increased by 50%. The Young charity minds also said that five children in every classroom are now affected.  The new study was published in Nature Communication. The study does not prove that Social Media affects mental health but makes people vulnerable. Professor and epidemiologist at UCL who was not part of the study said that girls who use and more susceptible to depression. They face various problems like online bullying, which affects their overall well-being.

The co-author of the study said it is useful to establish rules on when children use Social Media so that it does not interrupt their sleep. It is also necessary for the parents to educate their children on various problems they might face using Social Media.

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