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Talc Litigation Proceedings of Johnson & Johnson Faces Halt

Johnson & Johnson is facing tens of thousands of allegations and lawsuits against the Talc Litigation products. The company is alleged that its Talc products cause cancer. The company is undergoing legal proceedings regarding the same. However, a bankruptcy judge has granted temporary halt to the litigation. Under a legal strategy J&J moved its Talc litigation to new unit in North Carolina. Following the bankruptcy filing a subsidiary of J&J filed a motion to halt the legal proceedings against J7J.

According to reports, apart from the 60 day halt to legal proceedings, the bankruptcy judge has moved the case out of North Carolina. According to new quarterly report released by Securities and Exchange Commission, Johnson & Johnson has faced nearly 38,200 lawsuits alleging that its Talc products develop cancer.

Although the company has faced huge loss in court it has managed to get overturned on appeal. For instance, the company faced high stakes hearing of $4.69 billion from a jury in St. Louis but was the amount was later on reduced to $2 billion by a higher court.

Furthermore, the Johnson & Johnson had taken the case to supreme court but its petition was rejected by the judges. The tens of thousands of lawsuits are surrounded over the antipsychotic drug Risperdal of J&J. Many people that have filed the lawsuits claim that using the antipsychotic drug Risperdal develops cancer which may be dangerous to health.

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