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Telix Joins Kettering Health to work on Diagnostic PSMA Imaging & Targeting Theranostics

Australian biotechnology firm Telix and Kettering Health, the American biotechnology firm have signed an agreement to work together on the Diagnostic PSMA Imaging & Targeting Theranostics. The key objective of the agreement is to jointly take efforts to accelerate late stage clinical research on the PSMA Imaging & Targeting Theranostics. The agreement primarily aims to develop diagnostics products and develop methods that will work prostate cancer.

The partners will work together on each aspect included in the agreement. Both the firms aim to work together with healthcare industry leaders and discover PET MI technologies as early as possible in the clinical services for patients in the region.

The partners will work on the increasing demand for PET MI that is catalysed by tremendous growth of new radiopharmaceuticals. In the long-term the firms aim to new technologies for diagnosing and treating different kind of new diseases.Telix works in the field of radiopharmaceuticals and radioligand therapy. It is recognized globally for developing diagnostic and medical products. Telix headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, work internationally. It is currently working in countries including United States, Japan, and Belgium.

The biotech firm is leading the development of a product called Illuccix that will be used as a diagnoistic product for prostate cancer imaging. The US FDA has granted permission to the company for marketing the product in the country.Kettering health is a network of 13 healthcare service centers. It has more than 120 outpatient locations spread across Western Ohio.

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