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Teva Pharmaceuticals was found Guilty in a New York Opioid Trial

Teva Pharmaceuticals and its affiliates were found guilty by a New York jury of contributing to the state’s opioid crisis.In a 2019 lawsuit filed by the state’s attorney general, and other companies were accused of aggressively selling opioids across the state while doing little to prevent addiction.

The number of damages that the corporation will be required to pay will be determined later. Teva said on Thursday that it will appeal the decision.At trial, the drugmaker claimed that it followed all federal and state standards and that it did not engage in misleading marketing.The jury held the business and its affiliates accountable for “death and damage” across the United States, according to New York State Attorney General Laetitia James.

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA and others deceived the American people about the true dangers of opioids,” she charged.Six pharma companies, members of the Sackler family, which established Purdue Pharma, and opioid dealers were named in a lawsuit filed in 2019. Many people negotiated agreements with the government.Supporters of the action believe that the money Teva will have to pay in damages will go toward bettering treatment and support programs for those who are addicted to opioids.

However, the court in the case must still evaluate Teva request for the case to be ruled a mistrial after a counsel for New York used erroneous opioid prescription figures during the trial’s final arguments.In the 20 years preceding up to 2019, authorities estimate that approximately half a million individuals died in the United States from opioid overdoses.

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