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Texas Potential to Emerge as the Next Biotech Hub 

Texas has showcased its strengthened landscape for a lot of businesses except for the life sciences industry. However, the state plans on changing that scenario as well as expanding the business avenue for the life science industry. The state is focusing on Dallas-Fort Worth to spearhead this venture.

BioLabs, a nationally recognized membership-based shared lab network, has staged its flag across major Biotech Hub of the United States. Boston, New York, Cambridge, Princeton, Research Triangle Park, San Diego, and Philly are the primary locations targeted by BioLabs. The shared network has aided in creating or launching more than 230 companies since 2009. The network focuses on start-ups identifying their potential and helping them with access to resources and connections.

BioLabs has turned its attention to Dallas, planning on opening the next hub in the city. The Biotech Hub will sit on a 37,000 square feet life landscape based on life science. The facility is currently placed inside a huge campus that is under renovation. The Dallas Biotech Hub can efficiently house 35 start-ups and has already opened up the application procedure for the same.

BioLabs has received encouraging responses from Lyda Hill Philanthropies and J. Small Investments, driving the redevelopment initiative of Pegasus Park’s 23-acre and six-building campus. The hub will majorly focus on accelerating life science and healthcare discoveries along with an entertainment value. It will accommodate dining venues, a gym, and a conference center. The aim is to become an epicenter where start-ups can stand toe-to-toe with industry leaders.

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