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Trinity Health’s Dr. James Angle Says, Cloud Data Life Cycle Can Protect Patient Privacy

Dr. James Angle is going to present the best practices to protect patient privacy through privacy engineering and assessment of risks.According to Dr. James Angle, in the modern world, technology would boost the efficiency of data privacy. But, in the real world, the digital healthcare system is vulnerable to security threats. Recently, there has been a radical increase in cyber-attacks related to the healthcare system.

Dr. James Angle says, before the cloud platforms, the PHI was stored in data centers or in data centers managed and controlled by their party.With the help of cloud platforms, data can be stored on multiple data centers through multiple networks, added Angle. However, as more data is stored on the cloud, data gets more vulnerable to attacks.Angle pointed that having stored the data on multiple networks adds more complexities which can break the data security.

During the presentation at HIMSS21, Dr. James Angle will discuss how the organization collects and manages the personal information of the patient and the best practices to manage and protect the data from security threats.

Privacy engineering, conducting privacy risk assessments, and acquiring in-depth knowledge of the data life cycle is important to ensure data protection, he said. According to him, if the aforementioned steps are followed by the professionals, it will enhance the healthcare system’s ability to protect the patients’ personal information. During the presentation, Dr. James Angle will also emphasize HIPAA’s privacy rule functions related to security and data sharing.

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