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US DOD Signs Contract with Teel Plastics for Swab Stick

The US DOD has signed a contract with Teel Plastics for manufacturing swab sticks worth $4.65 million. The department of defense has signed the contract with Teel Plastics with an aim to meet the increasing demand for swab sticks. These efforts will further support the supply of swabs to various covid-19 test kits and covid-19 test centres. Through this industrial expansion Teel Plastics will increase its industrial production capacity. The company with increase in production capacity plans to add 25 more employees to manage operations.

The DOD Defense Assistance Acquisition (DA2) in collaboration with covid-19 Task Force (DAF ACT) of the Air Force Acquisition Division. United States Rescue Planning Act (ARPA) funded the effort to increase the domestic production of medical resources especially those required to meet the immediate needs of covid-19 related operations. The expansion of the production capacity will enable safer production, said Jerry Pritchett the CEO of Teel Plastics.

Teel Plastic, the US based firm is known for ground breaking developments in natural fibre plastic composite materials and multi-layer fuel line tubing. The company has developed multiple products for serving the needs across various industries like production and manufacture equipment.

The company has continued providing products with 3D printing, equipment for industry 4.0, advanced software modelling, many such product and services to the customers in various industries. Now, with this new contract with US DOD the company aims increase its production capacity and serve domestic medical needs.

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