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US Pharmacies Facing Staff Challenges

The chronic labour crisis in the United States is straining major U.S. Pharmacies, making it even more difficult to obtain a coronavirus vaccine in some situations. A Walgreens customer in Washington told The Washington Post that their drugstore abruptly shuttered half an hour before their planned appointment due to service cuts. Dania Palanker, the customer, had scheduled an appointment for her 7-year-old daughter and received an email confirmation.

Meanwhile, another Colorado woman told Denver7 News that due to staffing shortages, Walgreens had cancelled immunisation appointments for her two children. A Walgreens spokeswoman confirmed to FOX Business that a small number of shops’ Pharmacies hours have been altered to fit current staffing shortages. The chain apologised for any trouble this may cause customers when making appointments, and stated that its team members are working with patients to reschedule any impacted vaccination appointments as soon as possible at these locations.

Our computerised scheduler is also being improved so that it can better accommodate changes in store hours. Demand for COVID-19 vaccines increased over the summer, according to Pharmacies, as the delta form spread swiftly. Since then, eligibility has been broadened to include youngsters, resulting in increased demand. Furthermore, because of the new omicron form, federal health officials are advising everyone above the age of 18 to obtain a booster shot.

In a dynamic environment that is part of a countrywide manpower shortage affecting nearly every industry and firm, a CVS representative told FOX Business that its Pharmacies staff stay adaptable in addressing patients’ requirements. CVS hired 23,000 new retail staff as part of their most recent statewide hiring event and is now onboarding another 20,000 prospects.

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