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Voyce Brings Real-Time Language in Covid-19 Contact Tracing

Voyce, a technology-driven firm dedicated to assisting people with language difficulties, has teamed with Healthcare IT Leaders to provide multilingual assistance for their COVID-19 contact tracing services. Voyce network of professional and medically qualified language interpreters gives real-time, on-demand access to interpretation in 238 languages and dialects, including American Sign Language. On a cloud-based case management platform, the Healthcare IT Leaders solution delivers omni-channel communication support via phone, email, and text.

Trained contact tracers conduct specialised case investigations to track COVID-19 affected people’s contacts. Contact tracers use Voyce language interpretation services to communicate in the contact’s preferred language when a case necessitates outreach to a non-English speaker. Large organisations, significant colleges and schools, and school districts, like the Boston Public Schools, are among Healthcare IT Leaders’ contact tracing clients.

“Contact tracing is a critical tool to help organizations manage the spread of COVID-19. Voyce enables us to conduct meaningful, real-time conversations in multiple languages, greatly enhancing the level of service that we are able to provide,” said Bob Bailey, Managing Principal, Healthcare IT Leaders. When people are able to communicate effectively, regardless of the language spoken, it is easier to address possible COVID-19 exposure. Healthcare IT Leaders is a national leader in IT consulting and workforce solutions, bringing skilled technological people to healthcare organisations for implementation services, project management, consulting, and full-time hiring.

Healthy Returns, our COVID-19 practise, provides COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and vaccination services to top corporations and institutions. Voyce is a technology-driven firm dedicated to assisting individuals in need who are experiencing language challenges by allowing them to communicate and receive assistance more effectively and swiftly. experienced and qualified language interpreters provide interpretation in 238 languages and dialects, including American Sign Language, across a number of technology and telemedicine platforms.

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