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Within3 Creates Connections with the Degrees

Frigyes Karinthy, a Hungarian author, used the term “six degrees of separation” in a short story published in 1929. According to this theory, any two persons can be linked to each other by six or fewer social relationships. Everyone you know is a degree away from you, and everyone they know is a degree away from them, and so on until you reach that sixth-degree link.

The healthcare industry, on the other hand, is far better connected. According to Lance Hill, CEO, and founder of Within3, two healthcare experts can usually be linked in three links. He says, “This is where the name of the company came from. If you look at a physician in Beijing and a physician in London, they’re connected within three degrees of each other based on training, medical associations and other relationships they have – their world is actually smaller.”

Within3 was formed in 2007 to fill a critical gap in the market. Simply put, most people’s access to high-quality healthcare is determined by their primary care physician and who or what they know. It makes no difference how many specialists are available if your doctor is unfamiliar with them.

The ability to communicate within the healthcare sector and access the sector’s most immense range of knowledge has always been limited. On the IT side of healthcare, there is still much investment focused on workflow and automation, but not much on how we can make conversations easier to have. So that was the company’s genesis – how can we assist in solving that problem?

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